The OPEN (Op) category is a catch-all category. If your image does not fit another category it goes here. You can enter any type of image here, manipulated or not, but edits should look natural including hdr. Strong emphasis is placed on composition, lighting, impact and technical excellence.

ALTERED REALITY (Ar) images are those which the subject may or may not be readily identifiable. It might be a ‘what is it’ type of image or an artistic interpretation of a common subject. Imagination is the key in this category. There are no limits on image enhancement or image edits. Images in this category should look obviously altered. Creativity and imagination are encouraged.

A TRAVEL (Tr) photograph must express the feeling of a time and recognizable place. It should portray a land, its people or culture. There are no geographical limitations. Photographic manipulations which misrepresent the true situation or alter the content of the image are not acceptable. Only basic adjustments are allowed in this category.

A PHOTOJOURNALISM (Pj) image should tell a story. A P.J. image should have an emotional impact and be informative. Images that misrepresent the truth such as manipulation to alter the subject matter are not acceptable. Set-up situations are not acceptable. Only basic adjustments are allowed in this category.

WILD NATURE (Wn) is the story of nature. The story telling value of the subject must be weighed more than pictorial quality. Human elements shall not be present except where those human elements are integral parts of the nature story such as barn owls adapted to an environment modified by humans. Domestic flowers and animals are not allowed in this category. Only basic adjustments are allowed in this category.

DOMESTIC NATURE (Dn) is for those nature images that don’t qualify for the Wild Nature category. Domestic animals, flowers and the hand of man are acceptable. Only basic adjustments are allowed in this category.

PEOPLE (Pe) is for images that include people. Crowd images, portraits, children playing, any image that includes people.

LANDSCAPE (La) is an image that can show different spaces within the world, usually vast and unending. Landscape photography attempts to capture a place and convey that to the viewer and reveal something special and spectacular about it. Hand of man is acceptable as well as cityscapes. Only basic adjustments are allowed in this category.

THEME (Th) or Assigned Subject (As)  is an image which conforms to a theme choosen by the club board members.  A different theme is selected for each critique session.  Only basic adjustments are allowed in this category.  The following themes have been selected:

  • September 2017 - none
  • October 2017 - (As) Orange
  • November 2017 - none
  • December 2017 - none
  • January 2018 -  (As) Weather Events
  • February 2018 - (As) Red
  • March 2018 - (Th) Fire and/or Water
  • April 2018 - (As) Wild Flowers
  • May 2018 - (As) Statues Flags and/or Symbols
  • June 2018 - (Th) Graffiti or Street Art
  • July 2018 - none

Basic Adjustments include cropping, brightness, contrast, color correction, dodging and burning. All adjustments must appear natural and not alter the content of the image.

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