• Arts Council of Placer County - www.placerarts.org

    The club is a member of the Arts Council. Visit their site to see what's happening in the local art world. You can also view their Perspectives magazines on-line.

  • Digital Photography Review - www.dpreview.com

    This site is reported to have the best digital camera review on the web.

  • Fall Colors/Spring Wildflowers - www.calphoto.com

    Carol Leigh's web site includes descriptions of where to go in California to shoot fall colors and spring wildflowers.

  • Gold Rush Chapter, Photographic Society of America - www.psagoldrush.org

    The web site of our local PSA chapter.

  • Photographic Society of America - www.psa-photo.org

    The organization's web site.

  • Waterfalls West - www.waterfallswest.com

    Leon Turnbull's web site is for waterfall lovers.

  • Digital Camera Recovery - www.digital-camera-recovery.com/blog

    This web site is about recovery of photo images deleted on memory chips and other related issues.

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